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2009-04-01 19:09:03 by MattKirby

Is this a bad april fools joke ? The red is raping my eyes !

Check out my voice acting shit !


2009-03-25 13:13:32 by MattKirby

Ok, so if any of you have seen my embarassing attempts at voice acting comedy, you're in luck. I might do like one or two more, but that's not very good and I really don't put that much time in them as I should. So, my next big Voice acting thing will be like a recurring narrative of a story I wrote. I know it soundsa little lame, but I think it will be interesting to do. Can't upload anything today, have to study for midterms ! Peace, upload some more voice acting material about friday or some time over the weekend.


I've been a newgrounds member for years now, and I've finally decided to start contributing, but the only thing I am good at is acting. As such, I cannot simply act in front of people but it is necessary that my voice may be used. I've uploaded a few audio submissions whenever they'll get confirmed.

If you need some of my voice clips, I've put everything I've done so far on mediafire for anyone wnating snippets.

If you find me talented in the slightest and wish to put me on one of your flash animations, do not hesitate to ask. I'm very hard working and will work my damndest to fit any part to someones liking. I can do various accents, I can do high and low vocals but I am best at low vocals if I may say so.

Skype - Matt.Kirbyv
Xfire - Xzaero
E-Mail -

mediafire account -

Please, don't be a stranger, if you enjoyed any of my voice acting and wish to draft me into one of your flash animations I can be a lot of help.

Hope you enjoyed my material ! Have a wonderful day !